Jose K Mani
Kerala Congress (M)

Kerala Congress (M)

Jose K Mani

Member: Lok Sabha

Constituency: Kottayam (Kerala)

Father's Name:
KM Mani KM Mani
Mother's Name:
Annama Mani
Date of Birth:
Date of Marriage:
Spouse Name:
Nisha Jose
Number of Son:
Number of Daughter:
Educational Qualification:
BCom, M.BA Educated at Loyola College, Chennai and P.S.G. College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Permanent Address:
Karingozhackal House, P.O.-Vellapad, Pala, Kottayam, Kerala
Local Address:
601, Kaveri Apartment, Dr B.D. Marg, New Delhi - 110 001
Social Activities:
Chairman, Centre for reform and research: a society formed for the youth conducting educational seminars,career development programmes and publication of books; President,Vikasana Sena -an Association of the Youth; Associated with Prateeksha Rotary Centre for mentally challenged children; and associated with the polio eradication drive of Rotary Centre Dist. 321
Special Interests:
Empowerment of the youth; aiming at inculcating a sense of social and political responsibility among the youth in rural and semi urban areas of the state of Kerala
Travelling, listening to instrumental music
Sports/Club Activities:
Snorkelling, table tennis, Member Tennis Club; , Trivandrum Club; , River Valley Club; (iv) YMCA International; and (v)Rotary Club of Pala
Countries Visited:
Australia, Belgium, European Countries, Indonesia, Kenya, Maldives, Middle East, Qubec, Sri Lanka, U.S.A. and Vatican
Other Info:
Worked with and provided relief to Tsunami affected vicitms in Kerala; awarded outstanding Young Leader award by the Jaycees; and , Youth Leader by Kalakeralam Recipient of Rotary International Young Leader Award; Co-ordinator evacuation Process of Nurses/Working people of Indian origin from the disturbed areas in Yemen, Iraq and Libya and supported them in the rehabilitation process; worked with and provided rice and other provisions to victims of flood hit area of Upper Kuttnad (Kerala); Co-
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